Today, 2024, is the best year to make extra money without having a normal job. Freelancers and other people who want to make money online have access to a huge number of chances and AI-powered tools. You can still make money online even though prices are going up due to inflation.

There is something for every worker, no matter what skills they have. You can do very flexible work from your laptop, which means you can do it while you’re on the go or in between your usual work. Of course, if you work from home for your main job, you have even more time to make money online.


But keep in mind that there is no way to “get rich quick.” It’s likely that any plan or website that says it will guarantee you can make money quickly is a scam. Just like with any other job, if you want to make a lot of money, you need to put your study and skills to use.

Be careful and keep an eye out for scammers when you’re looking for ways to make money online. Unless you are using a real contract site like Upwork, you should never agree to give out private or sensitive financial information. Remember that you should trust your gut if something sounds too good to be true.

However, with that in mind, here is a list of 10 of the best side jobs that you can do from home, based on study and analysis of sites like Upwork and Shopify.

1. Begin with affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is a great way to make extra money without doing much work. It works best when you have a good content marketing plan. To begin, write or record videos about something you’re interested in and get a lot of people to watch or listen to them.

How many followers and repeat viewers you need will depend on the site you’re using and what the brands you work with want from you as an affiliate.

You can put advertising links all over your website and/or social media pages.

But you’ll need to make sure that the goods you’re selling are ones that people will actually want to buy. If you don’t, you’ll be spamming them and giving them little value. It will be easy for people to read through it, which will hurt your reputation because you’re wasting their time.

2. Open a store that ships items in bulk
You can make a lot of money with drop shipping while working from home and in your spare time. This is mostly because you don’t have to worry about keeping goods. You could use a site like Shopify to open a store. Then it would be up to you to come up with a business plan that will help you get customers, keep them interested, and make sales.

Since your suppliers would send the goods straight to your customers, you wouldn’t have to buy storage space or fill your shed with stuff. You can also quickly adjust to changes in the market with little loss with this model.

3. Get paid to be an influencer on social media
The world market for influencer marketing has grown by more than three times since 2019. It is expected to reach a high point of $24 billion in 2024. This is because more people used the internet and social media before and after the pandemic.

Since more than half of the people in the world have social media accounts, it makes sense for marketers who want to spread the word about their brands and products to work with and form relationships with social media influencers. This is where you fit in.


To begin, all you need is a strong interest or drive and your sense of self. Build your own unique brand on a site like Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. As the number of people who follow you grows, brands will find your social media profile and social capital more valuable and want to work with you. In the end, you can join influencer sites like or Open Influence where brands are looking for ways to work together.

4. Work as an online teacher
It’s easy to see that the need for online teachers is growing since the market for them is expected to reach $21.8 billion by 2030. As an online teacher, you can use videoconferencing tools to teach any popular subject. You can also join freelance teaching platforms to make a profile and market your services.

5. Change and check AI content
It wasn’t long ago that editing, reviewing, and writing content was seen as great ways to make money online. Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed a lot of things, though. Now there are AI tools like Jasper AI and ChatGPT that can easily and quickly create material, which means that anyone who depends on this as a side job could be replaced. All of these tools have their flaws, though, and when used by themselves, they can give you wrong information, make grammar mistakes, or sound robotic and artificial.

You can check the facts of AI-generated content for business clients as an AI content proofreader or editor. You can also soften the tone so it fits their brand voice and is error-free.

You can also try these five other ways to make money online:

Make e-books and share them yourself
Get sponsorships or sell ad space for your show.
Turn into a virtual helper.
Offer consulting skills on Etsy and sell crafts and hand-made items.

In conclusion, it’s not hard at all to make more money online. Find a part of your market that isn’t being met well enough and make your mark there. You can share your new skills with the world, make more money, and learn new things with the internet and a laptop.


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