In Germany, both health insurance and car insurance are needed by law. This means that all drivers must have insurance on their cars. You won’t be able to register your car as a long-term resident of Germany until you get car insurance first. This means you won’t be able to drive it either. That being said, this isn’t the only reason German drivers have to get car insurance. Getting car insurance is good for both your car and your finances in many ways.

It is possible to get different kinds of car insurance in Germany, as there are many companies that offer them. People are free to pick the type of car insurance that fits their needs and the wants and characteristics of their car the best. There will be three main types of insurance that drivers can choose from. Each one covers different things. We will tell you everything you need to know about German car insurance below.

Why do I need insurance for my car in Germany?
In Germany, you have to have car insurance and it’s a good idea to do so whether you are a new driver or an experienced one. It’s possible that you will never cause an accident, but if you do, and you don’t have car insurance, you will have to pay for all the damage you cause. In many countries, like Germany, having car insurance is required by law. If you don’t have one, you will also be breaking the law. Different kinds of car insurance in Germany
If you live in Germany for a long time and want to cover your car, there are three main types of insurance. The main thing that matters is the level of coverage you want, since they all give different levels of coverage. There are a lot of companies in Germany that offer car insurance, so it’s only fair that you do your homework and look at the deals that really fit your needs.

Getting liability insurance is required by law.
Liability car insurance, which is also called third-party insurance, is the most basic type of car insurance and is required by law. This kind of car insurance only covers the bare minimum. Specifically, it only pays for medical bills and any damage you or your car may cause to other people or their cars. Although it is helpful, it does not pay for damage you caused to your own car if you were at fault in an accident. People usually ask for one of the two other types of car insurance listed below because of this. 2. Insurance that covers some things
In Germany, partial car insurance is a mix of liability insurance and some extra coverage that protects people in case of damage (like from natural disasters like storms or earthquakes), fire, and theft (but not as vandalism). Along with these things, a partial car insurance policy will also cover damage from Marten (weasel) bites, broken glass, and faulty wiring. This type of insurance covers a lot more than liability insurance, so it costs more.

3. Full Coverage Insurance
What is comprehensive car insurance in Germany? Comprehensive car insurance covers almost everything. This is the highest level of insurance, and it covers everything, from liability to partial insurance and more, like theft. If you cause an accident that damages your own car, this type of car insurance will pay for it. It is the most expensive type of car insurance because it covers the most things. It will cost you more to keep your car covered, but if it gets damaged, you will pay less.

How Much Does German Car Insurance Cost?
In Germany, the cost of car insurance depends on a number of factors relating to both the driver and the car. In Germany, the cost of car insurance relies on where you live, how experienced and old the driver is, the size of the engine, and the overall value of the car. Most of the time, your deductible (the amount you pay out of cash before your insurance company pays) determines how much your car insurance costs. Say your deductible is 300€ and the loss is 1000€. You will pay 300€ and the insurance company will pay 700€.

The deductible for Teilkasko (partial insurance) is usually 150€, and for Vollkasko (full insurance), drivers normally pay between 300€ and 500€. You also have to pay different amounts for car insurance in Germany based on your age. You will probably have to pay more if you are a young driver because they are the ones who cause the most accidents. Comprehensive insurance is strongly suggested, especially for newer cars. Older cars can do well with partial insurance, which costs less than comprehensive insurance. It is the least expensive type of car insurance in Germany to have liability insurance.

Some things that affect how much car insurance costs in Germany are:

Type of car. Costs for car insurance in Germany depend on the type of car you drive. It means that you will have to pay less for insurance if you drive a car that doesn’t hurt other cars much and doesn’t cost much to fix.
Payment for a contribution. Most of the time, it’s better to pay for car insurance all at once instead of monthly or yearly. Studies show that you pay less if you move the whole amount all at once instead of several times a year.
How far. At the time you buy car insurance, you will be asked to say how many kilometers you usually drive. If you don’t drive that much, give a number that is close to the truth instead of overestimating. The price goes up as the number of kilometers you choose goes up.
Makes claims. It’s likely that your car insurance will cost less if you are a good driver and don’t make many claims.
The place. When it comes to car insurance, living in a big city is likely to cost more than living in a small town or city.
How to Get Cheap Car Insurance in Germany
You should compare different car insurance policies before choosing one. This will help you find the best deal for your needs and budget. Check out the parts below for some tips on how to buy car insurance in Germany:

Combine your auto insurance policies
It is suggested that if you have more than one car, you cover them all with the same company. You might be able to combine your car insurance with your home goods insurance or your liability insurance as well. If your parents live in Germany for a long time, they can get insurance for your car by registering it as their second car and adding you as a backup driver. Some businesses in Germany also offer a “family tariff,” which means that customers’ children can get savings.

Cheaper insurance with a higher deductible
When you raise your deductible, your premiums will go down. The website Finanztip says that a 300€ deductible will save you 25% on premiums, while a 150€ self-contribution will save you 18%.

Keep up with the costs
It is important to know how much car insurance costs before you buy it and even after you do. There are a lot of different companies that give car insurance, so you should always shop around before choosing one. Look at different car insurance quotes and pick the one that costs the least. You are free to do that because your car insurance will be renewed every year, and you usually have until November to stop it.

Questions People Ask Often
1. What does an eVB number mean?
Your car insurance company will usually send it to you by email. When you register your car, you will need to show this number along with other important papers, like your TÜV certificate and vehicle tax. The registration office will know that the car is covered because of your eVB number.

2. How Do I Get Insurance for My Car in Germany?
In Germany, you will need to show the following things in order to buy car insurance:

Unique Number
Number on a German driver’s license.
The background of your driving (important information).
Details about a German bank account.
Vehicle purchase paperwork (in certain companies).
What is the best way to get car insurance in Germany?
There are some companies in Germany that let you get car insurance online. You should be able to show proof of who you are, like your German driver’s license and bank account information. As soon as you buy car insurance in Germany online, you should get your policy information, including your eVB insurance number, by email within 24 hours. This includes the statement form you will need in case of an accident.

What kind of insurance do I need to rent a car in Germany?
If you rent a car in Germany, you do need to have car insurance, even if the car is already insured. That’s when your regular car insurance will sometimes cover damage to the rental car as well. Remember that all rental cars in Germany must have third-party liability and fire insurance. When you rent a car in Germany, the cost of insurance is often already covered, and if you’re interested, they can often offer extra coverage as well. This means that when you rent a car in Germany, liability insurance is usually already included.

When you rent a car in Germany, the company will let you know if you already have insurance.

5. What kind of car insurance in Germany is the cheapest?
Car insurance rates are based on many things, including your age, the type of car you drive, any claims you make, where you live, and how much you drive. Your best deal on car insurance in Germany might not be the best deal for someone else. When you’re a young driver, car insurance won’t be as cheap as when you could drive for a living. The same goes for when you buy a newer car type. Liability insurance, also known as “third-party insurance,” is the least expensive type of car insurance in Germany. However, it also doesn’t cover as much.
6. Can I use my German car insurance when I travel to other countries?
If you are traveling within EU member states, your car insurance in Germany may cover you while you are away. Third-party liability insurance is something you need because it’s required in all EU countries. You can also get extra security for other risks and damages, like the other types of car insurance we talked about above, such as comprehensive insurance (Vollkasko) or partial insurance (Teilkasko).

You will need to get a Green Card if you want to drive outside of EU member states. In Germany, you can ask your car insurance company for this kind of paper work, and they will usually give it to you for free. There is a list of places where your car insurance will still work on the Green Card. In some countries that don’t need a Green Card, they will ask you to buy car insurance at the border.

7. What is bad freedom class?
Schadenfreiheitsklasse, which literally means “no-claims class,” is a class that all drivers can join and that keeps track of their insurance claims. An insurance claim is an official letter that the policyholder (driver) sends to the car insurance company to ask for coverage or payment for damage that is covered by the policy. According to “schadenfreiheitsklasse,” your insurance company keeps track of the claims you make. The fewer claims you make, the bigger your savings.

One example is that if you don’t make a claim for two years, your insurance rates will go down by about 15%. You will get a refund of about 30% if you don’t make a claim for three years. The price goes up as time goes on where you don’t make a claim. You can also move these no-claim periods from car insurance companies in other countries; just let both of them know you want to do so.

8. Is it possible to get out of a car insurance deal in Germany?
If you want to cancel your German car insurance, you will need to give at least one month’s notice. This is because many companies will renew your contract immediately. But you can only get out of the contract early in certain situations, like if the company raises your rates without giving you one month’s notice or if you’re unhappy with how your claims are being handled (you have to give written reasons).


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